Session Work



Here you can hear my guitar credentials in audio!

For Song arrangments, composition, mixing, here's a snippet.

The heart of the recording setup is the Alesis Multimix 16 2.0 USB mixer.  It can record 16 tracks similtaneously to individual tracks on a mac running Logic X

In a guitar session player:

  • you need a great sense of rhythm

  • the ability to play authentically a variety of styles

  • read charts and notes

  • come up with great ideas reflecting what is wanted

  • Have a variety of sounds and effects

  • Be punctual, presentable and not-in-the-way.

These I have.  If your studio time is precious and you need great guitar fast, send me an email below (or ring me).  Also, if you need guitar, you may send me your track and I can add guitar to it using my recording setup.