A little About me

Hi there!  My name is Sean Clancy and I have toured the world playing guitar and winning awrds for it.  As of writing I have over 10.5 millions views on Youtube for my playing.


I have always been a tech geek and started programming at age 10 on a ZX81 (1K) and later a Dick Smith VZ200.  At 22 I started to revisit programming when I descovered Visual Basic 1.  I created my first program as a rudimentary tool for working on absolute pitch.


My last foray into visual basic was GuitarFreak Workstation with SightReader Master Extreme.  A long name I know!


Then I discovered Xojo.  This meant I could create 1 program and deploy it on both windows and apple.

Wuth my new skills I created Guitar SightReader Toolbox - 5 years in the making and I'm continuously building new features.


I've spent many years away from New Zealand (my home country), living in Poland, teaching English, working as a copywriter and playing guitar around Eastern Europe.  Right now I'm based in Tauranga, New Zealand.


I have authored several books.

Learn to Burn: The guitar speed manual (in print, I can send you a copy for 10USD + P&P)

Guitar Virtuosity for the Everyday Man (pdf - $10 USD - 82 pages)

The Fledgling - part 1 of the Firma Chronicles - avaiable on Barnes and Nobles and Amazon