Guitar or Bass.  At my place or via skype

(skype is $25 (USD) hourly)

For real results with less practice time, come for a lesson at the Sean Clancy School of Modern Guitar.
With over 30 years of experience in guitar tuition, state-of-the-art guitar tuition software, a recording studio setup and world class printouts, you'll find yourself learning things that have been confusing you for years.
Whether you're a complete beginner or an extremely advanced pro, these lessons are for you.  You can learn a variety of styles and topics:
Rock, Blues, Metal, Funk, Shred, Campfire acoustic, Reggae, neoclassical, jazz, appliable jazz theory (which can be for any instrument)
  • Amps and effects provided (though you may bring your own - however, setting it up cuts into lesson time).  

  • You need to bring a guitar, your lesson folder, and a USB stick (for MP3 backing tracks, etc...)

  • For an first introductory lesson, you pay only $25(NZD).  These is to make sure the lessons are as good as the hype.

  • Every lesson after that is $40(NZD) for an hour.  This is payable at the start of the month.  Lessons are at a minimum of 1 weekly.  If you wish to have it your place there is a $10 travel cost.